My name is Henry and welcome to 5 Billion.

I finally built up enough courage to do this. So here we are.


5 billion is not solely about money; otherwise, the site would’ve been titled 5 billion dollars. The dollar was the inspiration behind the name because at the time I conceived the idea of the blog, a former colleague (Paul, won’t forget him) asked me “Henry, how much money would you like in your lifetime?” , I blurted out “5 billion!”

Why 5 Billion? Simple – I like the number and I like the ring to it. I want to try 5 billion things. I grew up in a family of 5 – A father, mother, two older brothers and myself. I played basketball where there are 5 players working together on the floor. And when I was young, I always thought if Jesus had a favorite number it would be 5 since there are five letters in his name. I also always think of my brother Jeff when I hear or see the number 5.

5 also rhymes with Alive.

There are 5 billion things to write about.  I want to try 5 billion things because I believe this world offers so much. This site is a space for me, a college student who is trying to figure IT out, to express himself. My thoughts and unique view of the world. I find others don’t agree with me, so I stopped trying to make them. Here on 5 billion, I’ll say what i want without holding back and I hope i can provide something for someone to take away and think about.

Every word on this site will be from me unless stated otherwise. I’ll look to studies if I really feel compelled to make a point. In an age of information overload, the line between true and false has been blurred and only reality exist. If I ever get negative, know that I coming place of good spirit and want the best for humanity. I am hoping every post can contribute positively in your life as you draw from my experiences and observations. Hopefully you stick around to follow the articles and enjoy them.


– Henry

To not try is self-betrayal