Boston ran a pan pacific power play on ‘oh boy Otani!! Four plays today right here on 5 billion. As of now, my record is:

NBA: 3-4

NHL: 1-2

MLB: 3-0




OKC at home first half (-2)

OKC matches up well with the Jazz. I don’t like the MCL sprain Donovan Mitchell got, especially when their offense lies on his shoulders. Playoff P has got it going. Russ is Russ.

OKC full game -4  (I went and got me a little extra: 5.5) 

Kansas City Royals at Toronto: Kansas Moneyline

Taking the big underdog this afternoon. HIT THAT BABY!!

Boston Red Sox: Moneyline

Boston Red Sox takes one away from Ohtani. Red Sox Moneyline Tonight in Los Angeles.


Special play: Parlay

Pittsburgh Penguins (ML)at Philly Flyers.

Pacers (+8) at Cavs

To not try is self-betrayal

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