Not a great April 14th…

The bad: I flopped on Miami Heat in game 1. Philly looks damn good, wand it’s hard to go against them right now. Should we ride Philly until they fall?

The Spurs could not keep it close in the first half. The Warriors were able to flip the switch and they imposed their will on the Spurs from start to finish.

The good: Tampa Bay covered. Atlanta Braves got it done in the first five innings.

Yesterday I had (although not posted) the Timberwolves +11 (win), the Pacers +6.5 (win) and the Philly Flyers at home (loss) in NHL.

As of right now, my record is:

NBA: 2-2

NHL: 1-1

MLB: 1-0



I got the Boston Bruins in a tough game in Toronto.

San Antonio Team total under 98.

I like the Dodgers and Padres going over the total of 7.5.


To not try is self-betrayal

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