Picks Today

Boom!!!  Its playoffs in the NHL and NBA. MLB is shaping up as well.  Picks:


Tampa Bay Lightning taking care of business at home against the Devils on the puck-line. Play is Tampa Bay (-1.5)


San Antonio first half +4.5 I expect Popovich to get his team  a strong start in the game. I don’t think Spurs can sustain scoring with the bulk of the offensive load on LaMarcus Aldridge. And he either gets it going in the first half or the spurs getting blown out.

New Orleans Pelicans +5.5

I think everybody is doubting the Heat. Erick Spoelstra will concoct something in the lab to slow down Ben Simmons. Believe that! Miami Heat +6.5


Atlanta Braves first 5 inning +.05 against the Cubbies.

With Kluber on the mound I’ll take Cleveland Indians -1.5 on the game against the Jays.

Leans in MLB:

Pittsburgh Pirates taking the first five innings in Miami.

Arizona and LA go over the total of 7.

New York Mets keeping the jot streak going with a win at home against the Brewers.\

Baltimore first five innings at Boston. Cobb has been historically tough against the Sox.

To not try is self-betrayal

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