“There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. You can change your hair, clothing, your address, your spouse, even your residence, but if you don’t change your mind – the same experiences will perpetuate itself over and over again because everything outwardly changed, but nothing inwardly changed.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

To change your mind, you have to take the time to think. I’ve taken the time to think about my personal philosophy –  I  realized adopting a philosophy is a powerful thing and it is very important. The implementation of a philosophy can take hold and shape your life through disciplines practiced everyday. Your philosophy can be seen as your minds operating system and allows you to be accountable to yourself and your philosophy. Your philosophy ain’t about anyone else, but you; hence, the word “personal”, I think that’s important to bear in mind. I adopted two philosophies in my life: The zen teaching of “chop wood carry water” and the teaching of Sun Tzu in the Art of War that is “Every battle is won before its fought.”

Chop wood carry water, means to me, trusting the process of sticking to your principles (e.g. having a sense of discipline) you apply to your everyday life. It also means letting go of the results as you stay focused on the process. Can you imagine the shift this philosophy will have on how you view things, I know it’s changed my perspective – all from just thinking. That’s what adopting a philosophy does, it alters your perspective. I’ve heard successful people say “it’s not the success I am most proud of, but who I have become” or a close friend/relative says “I am most proud of the person he/she is today.” I am sure you have heard the same sentiment before and if you haven’t, you haven’t looked at greatness enough. No one I know, who has been or is successful, has not applied the principles of commitment and sacrifice. And the principles, whatever they may be, shapes them, moulds them into a successful person(s).

Every battle is won before it’s fought, means to me, leaving no stone unturned in preparation for multiple outcomes or possibilities. In most endeavors in life, preparation plays a major role. Whether it’s going for a trip to the Bahamas or getting ready for a first day at school, each activity carries a weight of preparation. The bigger the event or scenario, the heavier the weight of preparation becomes like preparing for the NFL Superbowl.

Hopefully some of what was written here resonates with you and encourages you to adopt a philosophy, whatever that may be! It’s yours.


To not try is self-betrayal

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