This year won’t only be about embracing the pain, but it also be about expecting more. You see, I realized every time I expected more from myself, I actually did more. If you played sports, you would know what playing down  to your competition means. It means not performing to your usual standard because you expect the competition to have a mediocre performance based on reputation or appearance. And then, what usually happens you end up having a close, pressure filled game. When I believed the competition was better than I was or on the same level, I usually raised my level of play to the next level. I’m sure this resonates.

So why not raise the standards and believe I am capable of more. I believe if I can raise the bar of I can expect from myself in a basketball game, I can do the same in the game of life.


Less is More

Expecting more from myself automatically means I have to get rid of few things heading into this new year. Getting rid (selling) of my playstation 4 was the first thing I did because I believed it was filling in time I could have used for better and bigger things. I believe not tolerating anything that will hinder us is even more important  Here’s one thing I am no longer going to tolerate:I am not going to tolerate waking up at noon. Lets tolerate less. So we can have more. More time to ourselves, more focus, more meaning and more purpose.  

Expecting more of ourselves will ultimately lead to us changing ourselves. And change is hard, but is absolutely and entirely necessary to move forward. Lets expect more, embrace the change and move forward in a positive direction.

To not try is self-betrayal

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